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    Map Kibera is a registered organization working in Kenya

    Map Kibera Trust’s mission is to increase influence and representation of marginalized communities through the creative use of digital tools for action.

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    OSM Kenya is a community of OSM contributors and users

    OSM is a local community for individuals interested in OpenStreetMap including organizations, developers, and YouthMappers chapters in the country.

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    The official mailing list for OpenStreetMap Kenya

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

    GDEV is a group of enthusiastic GIS group at DeKUT that aims at helping students share, engage and learn from each other in matters geospatial

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    YouthMappers chapter at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

    The Association of Geomatics Engineering Students (AGES), aims at promoting GIS products and services as well as training students on the use of the same. It not only promotes socialization between the students and practicing professionals, but also provides a platform for exchanging new ideas for holding new GIS and surveying events and training at the university.

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Karatina University

    This chapter aims to bring together all GIS enthusiasts.They include environment experts, wildlife experts, aquatic and tourism officers, just to mention a few. Its main aim is to provide a platform where students can learn from each other and, in the process, understand how to integrate the GIS skills in their various career paths as well as provide solutions to various environmental related challenges.

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Kenyatta University

    Kenyatta University GIS Club (KUGISC) was founded on 28th October 2016, with more than 200 students and staff from all faculty within campus as members. We are committed to empower members with spatial knowledge, skills and expertise required in understanding the Earth. We help in mapping resources within the university by incorporating geospatial data in their projects as well as fieldwork data collection.

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    YouthMappers chapter at Moi University

    The Geography Students Association at Moi University (GEOSAMU) explores, discovers and aims at developing the entire world through the young Geo-Spatial analysts. GEOSAMU is part of the Department of Geography.

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Technical University of Kenya

    It's a geographical information based group with very passionate students in the relevant fields of study. We do training to members on emerging trends in the market and keep up with technological advancements

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    YouthMappers chapter at University of Nairobi

    UN students are working with the local OSM community, Map Kibera, and GrouthTruth to learn about open mapping and contribute data for needs in their urban communities.