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  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at African Methodist Episcopal University

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Cuttington University

    The YouthMappers at Cuttington University, Suakoko, and Bong County comprised of Students from three different departments; namely, the Department of Natural Resources Management “DONRM”, Department of Environmental Sciences, and the Department of Natural Sciences. Since the establishment of the Chapter in February 2017, the overall membership is 20 students, with each department containing 5 students.

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Grand Gedeh County Community College

    The Youth Mappers of GGCCC sole intent is to put places in and around Liberia that are not on the map. We gather youths from the college within the Grand Gedeh Community College to make it their duties to unite and bring these places to the spot light geographically.

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Nimba County Community College

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Stella Maris Polytechnic

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at University of Liberia YouthMappers

    The University of Liberia YouthMappers is a chapter organization of the Global YouthMappers. We are a nonprofit student mapping organization focus on mapping for Liberia’s development and the World at large. The purpose of this organization shall be to utilize technology and geospatial knowledge as means of creating and developing maps; collecting and analyzing data that will address local and worldwide challenges. Our aim is to support and create opportunity for students to develop interest and skills in the fields of mapping. We envision a united student community that are collaborative, active and are willing to work with the University of Liberia YouthMappers in order to better the lives of others.