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    Provides OSM services and information for the local community in Tanzania

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  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Ardhi University

    As upcoming geospatial data consultants we seek to educate and provide advice to the society on how they can use spatial data not only as a form of location but a tool of decision making and predict different hazardous and climatical changes which may harm them or future genarations.

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Institute of Rural Development Planning Mwanza

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Institute of Rural Development Planning

    Mipango YouthMappers Chapter was introduced at IRDP on 3rd July, 2017 by Dr.Domitilla Bashemera. The founding members were 300 (190 males and 110 female) Bachelor Degree students, who were registered as members of the Chapter. Gerald Zacharia is the president of the chapter and Juster Lugira is Vice President.

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Open University of Tanzania

    Youth Mappers at Open University of Tanzania Had been founded by members and students of Open University of Tanzania in Department of Geography who are mainly need to improve their career and help young community through joint and partnership projects with local community groups such as Mikoko Scout Group ( and start cooperation with international colleges and universities for exchange programs in relation to Geography Studies as some programs prepared by Mikoko Scout Group which will link local university and other universities of the same interest through International Nature & Environmental Youth Camp 2019 ( ) Our chapter will soon be recognized as youth network program that will open opportunity for students to study and conduct research studies at a local levels.

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at Sokoine University of Agriculture

    A Chapter comprising of Environmental sciences and management students and Geography studies under the dept. of Geography and we will be using mapping techniques, based on systems concepts and theories, can be used to facilitate, explore, and capture the different understandings of the relationships, perspectives, and boundaries involved in environmental sustainability to obtain a more complete comprehension of the concept and develop plans for action.

  • youthmappers

    YouthMappers chapter at University of Dar es Salaam

    The purpose of the University of Dar es Salaam YouthMappers is to use and promote open source data and GIS technologies to map potential disaster areas, provide resources for emergency management, connect its members with open source and GIS organizations in the city of Dar es Salaam, and serve any upcoming needs of our project partners .