• matrix

    All mappers are welcome!

    Most talk is happening at the "OpenStreetMap Belgium" channel. You can ask anything there! The other rooms are for specific subjects.

  • meetup

    Real life meetups of everyone who is interested in OpenStreetMap

    Physical meetups are great to meet other mappers, ask them questions and to learn a lot. Especially new contributors are very welcome!

  • mailinglist

    Talk-be is the official mailing list for the Belgian OSM community

  • twitter

    OSM Belgium on Twitter: @osm_be

  • forum

    OpenStreetMap Belgium web forum

  • irc

    Join #osmbe on (port 6667)

    Join #osmbe on (port 6667), it is bridged with the Matrix chat channel

  • osm-lc

    We help grow and improve OpenStreetMap in Belgium.

    If you want to help to improve and grow the mapping community in Belgium, to make even more people crazy about mapping, OpenStreetMap Belgium is the right place for you!

  • facebook

    Mappers and OpenStreetMap on Facebook in Belgium